and make a meaningful impact on the world

You’re a leader in the nonprofit world.

You’re dedicated, busy, and working hard to balance your personal and professional roles.

And you also appreciate your life outside of work – a life that includes the people you cherish and the activities that give you joy.

Your work needs to have meaning and relevance for you, because making a difference matters.

Something is stirring inside you. Something is calling you to step into – and through – a career or personal transition.

You feel the need for change, yet your options aren’t yet clear enough to make decisions or take action.

How can you gain clarity and find the internal faith to move forward with confidence?

With over three decades of experience in nonprofit and public sector management, I know what it’s like to want to make a difference. I know the challenge of staying interested, motivated, and focused – and of having an active, fulfilling personal life alongside a demanding career.

Now as an executive coach I work with people like you – resourceful, professional, nonprofit executives and managers. I deliver with integrity result oriented services and help them create the changes in their careers and personal lives that enable them to make a positive, meaningful impact on the world.

Together, we uncover strengths through executive coaching you may not yet be aware of, tap your deepest intuitive understanding of who you are and what matters most, and find solutions and new ideas to help you achieve greater productivity.

How I can help

Research career options

So you have a realistic and exciting understanding of your choices.

Explore new opportunities at your current employer

So you can choose whether to advance within the organization or seek alternatives.

Uncover skills, talents, and strengths you may be overlooking

Increasing your confidence and internal faith in yourself so you can be more successful.

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