Executive Coaching Services

You’re facing a change or a career or personal transition.

What would it be like to have an executive coach — a thought partner and solution provider –- to discuss your current needs, brainstorm opportunities to enhance your adaptability for the future, and provide new perspectives on your situation? Someone who can help you leverage your strengths and achieve what’s most important to you?

I can help you:

  • Research career options, so you have a realistic and exciting understanding of your choices.
  • Explore new opportunities at your current employer, so you can choose whether to advance within the organization or seek alternatives – and plan how to move forward in either case.
  • Uncover skills, talents, and strengths you may be overlooking, increasing your confidence and internal faith in yourself so you can be more successful in areas such as:
      • Career and Job Transition
      • Leadership Development
      • Succession Planning
      • Engaging and Motivating Employees
      • Conflict Resolution
      • Onboarding New Talent.
  • Expand and develop your professional network, so you have reliable resources and contacts you can tap for ideas, information, and assistance.
  • Improve your personal and professional relationships, so you have a strong and rewarding support community.
  • Take action to achieve results that are aligned with your values, discovering what it means to live a happier, more fulfilling and fun-filled life.

My engagement process includes an initial two-hour Discovery Session, followed by telephone, in-person, or Skype sessions of up to 45 minutes. In these coaching sessions, we explore the challenges you face as you clarify your goals and desires, achieve what’s most meaningful to you, and manage potential obstacles.

My commitment as your coach is to provide my complete attention during every session, including deep listening, thought-provoking questions, and service as your accountability partner.

Together, we develop a plan to achieve your desired results, measure progress, and maintain momentum, ensuring that you continue taking action towards success.

You can have a conversation with yourself for a whole year and not get anywhere. Why waste time sitting there going around in circles talking to yourself, trying to figure things out, not being sure, when you can have that conversation with someone whose prime objective is to help you think? You cut your time down and focus your energy in a more positive way by investing in a career coach.

It’s not the type of investment you have to wait a long time to see the return. I’m starting a new position on Monday that I’m totally excited about!

Ival Grant-Williams, Director, Strategic Financial Analysis, New York City Department of Health

My extensive background in nonprofit and public sector management means I already appreciate the dynamic, complex, and uncertain workplace you’re dealing with. We’ll jump right in to understanding your individual situation, making progress from our first session together.

Contact me to learn more about my coaching services. Our initial consultation is complimentary – it’s your opportunity to see what working with me might be like for you!

I admire her clear sense of structure. She formalized our relationship right at the start, putting in protocols that made asking questions very welcome and truly lessened any confusion. I’ve had experience with many different kinds of relationships as a consultant, and I have high regard for people who know how to put structure in place up front. She knows how to formalize and yet not make it burdensome, and I respect that greatly.

Margaret Egan, Administrator, Philanthropy Advisors, LLC, New York City

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